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From Great White experts, wildlife conservationists, acclaimed storytellers and adventure enthusiasts... be prepared for a winter of fascinating tales, lives less ordinary and incredible journeys at One&Only Cape Town.

6pm for 6.30pm
R295 per person

Price includes a full dinner buffet in Reuben’s after the talk.


Peter Van Kets

From rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean to trekking to the South Pole, Capri-X, a solo circumnavigation of the Southern Hemisphere along the Tropic of Capricorn and his recent adventures in the Arctic, Peter van Kets is no stranger to setting his sights on epic struggles.

His captivating story, tales of extreme highs and devastating lows, uplifting messaging and inspiring motivational techniques make him a speaker well worth hearing in person.

10 September: Impossible is nothing

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Chris Bertish

World renowned Big Wave Surfer, Waterman and Adventurer who has spent the past two decades pushing limits in the world of sport. Winning the prestigious, ‘Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Event’ in California, Chris Bertish triumphed against the odds and managed to outthink, outsmart and outperform the world’s best on a day that changed Big Wave Surfing forever.

Chris has a string of world firsts and has set world records across numerous sports, including recognition as one of the Top 24 Big Wave Riders in the world.

20 October: IM-Possible

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