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Reuben’s hosts top celebrity Thai chef from the world famous Blue Elephant Restaurant

On 6 September, Reuben’s will play host to internationally recognised celebrity chef from the world famous Blue Elephant Restaurant, Chef Nooror Somany Steppe and her daughter Sandra Steppe.

Chef Nooror Somany Steppe was born in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province where her family owned a small Thai restaurant. Growing up in these surroundings instilled both the love and the skills for cooking authentic Thai cuisine. During this time and her later years living overseas she also acquired a strong proficiency in creating new Thai dishes with the authentic taste of traditional Thai cuisine. This passion and skill for true authentic Thai cuisine are the important inspirations that brought forth the birth of the purveyor of such food on the world stage, Blue Elephant restaurants.

In 1980, together with her husband, Nooror opened the first Blue Elephant restaurant, and 33 years later there are 11 branches of Blue Elephant located in major cities throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia: Brussels, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Lyon, Dubai, Beirut, Kuwait, Malta, Bangkok and Jakarta. Each of these restaurants is decorated in a true Thai style and serves the best in Thai cuisine, allowing its foreign customers to fully experience a real taste of Thailand.

With the international success of the Blue Elephant and its famed cooking schools, daughter Sandra Steppe decided to join the family business. She received plenty of experience over the years from her mother and it seemed a natural progression. Sandra’s previous work in communication and marketing was invaluable and brought her into contact with all levels of society. Sandra loves to be in the thick of things and has assisted her mother for the last 8 years with the Cooking School. Her personal philosophy is to keep moving forward and do the best you can and it certainly works both for her and the Blue Elephant.

Join Chef Nooror on 6 September at Reuben’s One&Only Cape Town as she creates and demonstrates traditional Thai dishes for R255 per person. Take your taste buds and your senses to Thailand as the evening begins with traditional Thai dancers and is then followed by authentic Thai cuisine including dishes such as Tom Kha Ostrich and Paneang Nua. To ensure the authenticity of the cuisine, Chef Nooror and Sandra will be bringing traditional herbs and spices from Thailand.

Take your taste buds to Thailand!

Friday 6 September
R255 including a 3 course gourmet menu

To make a booking call Restaurant Reservations +27 21 431 4511 or +27 21 431 5888 or email to Restaurant.Reservations@oneandonlycapetown.com


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