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21 August

Lalesso and Joya

Lalesso lends it’s support to the environment and is one of the first totally carbon zero fashion brands in this world today. Climate change is one of the biggest issues currently facing humanity and our planet and without the contribution of individuals and businesses, no matter how big or small, it poses an ever looming threat to our future.

A unique creation of handmade jewellery embellished with the finest materials by a passionate team defines the Joya collection. Internationally trend aware, African influenced and locally manufactured, Joya offers unique pieces to suit every taste. From bespoke items to stunning colorful pieces that can be worn everyday. Joya uses the finest stones, leather and silver and is both colorful and stylish, with a distinct edge.


18 December

Netshomi Zam

Netschomi Zam translated from isiXhosa means “with my friends”. This partnership between Mike Carella and Riaan Hanekom began in 2006 when they worked together on their first collaborative piece, a life size bead and wire sculpture of Nelson Mandela. Since then Mika, a wire artist from childhood, and Riaan, a naturally creative person are pushing the boundaries of the medium. 

Their range of beaded animals and animal trophy heads are realistic and lifelike for those that love the timeless beauty of a trophy without destroying wildlife. The wire only range is contemporary and can be done in various finishes according to customer preference. Other ranges includes lights ,wall hangings and home ware. They also specialize in private commissions.

To make a booking call Neo Boutique +27 21 431 5195 or +27 21 431 5888 or email to Neo@oneandonlycapetown.com


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