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Bastien Gonzalez

Bastien Gonzalez is internationally famous for his unique approach to foot treatments. Due to his professional expertise and experience as a French Podiatrist, he designed and developed exclusive treatments for the feet, hands and nails, which combines a uniqueness found in the true fusion of wellbeing and beauty. Bastien selects and trains every member of his team to his treatment protocols and standards, ensuring the excellence of his know-how all over the world. The Reverence de Bastien range accompanied with a new beauty ritual, truly offers the answers developed by its creator, dedicated to the wellness and beauty of the nails, hands and feet.

The treatment leaves nails naturally shiny, even more than it would with a coat of nail varnish.

The Bastien pedicure eliminates any nail problems or signs of skin rigidity that could lead to corns, calluses or other painful skin thickening.

This is achieved through a specific massage that focuses on muscular flexibility, joint mobility, blood circulation and skin elasticity

Pedi: Mani Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez

Bastien’s Duo
60 minutes

This synchronised four hands treatment focuses on your feet, legs, hands and arms. The ultimate in manicure and pedicure luxury with total relaxation.

Bastien’s Pedicure
60 minutes

An overall pedicure including a nail treatment (gentle buffing to restore the natural beauty of the nails which results in a healthy, shiny nail without lacquer), followed by a skin treatment to eliminate hard skin and dryness, completed with a unique massage from the toes up to the knees relieving any muscle tension and heaviness.

Bastien’s Manicure
45 minutes

An exceptional manicure in 3 steps: A cuticle and nail treatment, including a natural beauty finish to the nail and a thorough massage of the forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers.

‘Refoundation’ Foot Massage
25 or 45 minutes

A treatment designed for the total well-being of the feet and legs. Ideal for legs, heavy and tired after long flights, this truly relaxing massage is from the toes up to the knees, focusing on muscle tension, joint mobility, blood circulation, skin elasticity and the swollen soles of your feet. The preliminary exfoliation performed with the Black Diamond Scrub will ease the penetration of the cream used during the massage. The effects of its active ingredients thereby being optimised.

Leg & Hand Massage
25 or 45 minutes

A completely soothing and calming massage: from the toes up to the knee, from the fingers up to the elbow, this four hands synchronised massage creates a light sensation to the whole body, relieves legs and arms from any muscle tension and heaviness. The wellbeing lies in two points: skin elasticity and optimum mobility.


World Spa & Wellness Award - 2014 Hotel Spa of the Year in Africa

- The SPA Traveller – Readers' Choice Award – 2013 Best Spa Hotel/Resort: Southern Africa & Indian Ocean
- The SPA Traveller – Readers' Choice Award – 2013 Best Wellness Spa: Southern Africa & Indian Ocean
- Travel+Leisure World’s Best Awards - 2013 Best Hotel Spa in Africa & Middle East
- World Spa Awards - 2013 Best in Africa
- Spa Finder - 2013 Best Spa Interiors in Africa
- SpaFinder – 2013 Reader’s Choice Crystal Award – Favorite Spa in Africa

- SpaFinder® Wellness Readers’ Choice Country Award - 2012 Favorite Spa in South Africa
- World Spa Awards - 2012 Best in Africa

- Spa Magazine - 2011 Silver Sage Readers' Choice Award – Best Spa in the Middle East & Africa
- SpaFinder – 2011 Reader’s Choice Crystal Award – Favorite Spa in Africa
- Spa Finder - 2011 Best Spa Interiors in Africa

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Bastien Gonzalez's pedicure is a new concept in pedicure, which follows three essential philosophies. Click here to view the Treatment Packages on offer.
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