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The combination of a dedicated fitness team and exquisite training environment makes the fitness and wellbeing experience at One&Only Cape Town truly special.

The fitness environment includes a Fitness Centre fully equipped with Technogym® Excite and Personal Selection ranges (including Kinesis™, Flexability™ and the Wellness System™), an indoor 10m rubberised track, and a yoga pavilion.

Special Offers

Our philosophy seeks to inspire you in your journey to fitness and wellbeing, guide you on how to achieve your goals and support you in maintaining active lifestyles.

Purchase a 6 month contract and receive a complimentary Technogym Wellness Weight Set*

Purchase a 1 year contract and receive a complimentary Technogym Wellness Weight Set and a 1 hour Personal Training Session*

*subject to availability

Personal Trainers Biographies

For more information on our One&Only Cape Town Personal Trainers please view their biographies.

Personal Training


Personal Training

Our philosophy seeks to inspire you in your journey to fitness and wellbeing; guide you on how to achieve your goals and support you in maintaining active lifestyles.

Choose from:

Personal Training – 30/60/90 minutes

A customised training session focused on your specific strengths and needs. The session is devised by a personal trainer skilled at providing the motivation for regular exercise and giving the interactive feedback needed to make the most of your time at the resort.

Health and Fitness Assessment – 90 minutes

Your personal trainer will guide you through a personalised health and fitness questionnaire followed by tests to assess your body composition, muscular endurance, stamina and flexibility. Based on the results, your personal trainer will plan a training programme for your stay at the resort and even beyond, to ensure a continued fitness routine once you are back home.

Assisted Stretching – 30 minutes

This one-to-one session is devoted to assisted stretching and relaxation. It helps eliminate any tightness in the body and improves your overall flexibility.

Core Stability – 30 minutes

This session aims at strengthening the muscles of the abdominals, trunk and pelvis. The exercises range from simple, and traditional to more complex ones using Swiss balls, BOSU®, foam pads and medicine balls.

Boxing – 30 minutes

This session combines boxing skills using pad work with body weight exercises, high repetitions, and relatively short recoveries. The boxing session ends with an assisted stretch.

Kinesis™ Programme – 60 minutes

Kinesis™ from Technogym® is an innovative training concept which focuses on movement through balance, flexibility and strength.

Power Plate® – 30 minutes

The Power Plate® uses the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body's natural response to vibration. Whether you want to improve your fitness and flexibility, build up your muscles or simply improve your general health the Power Plate® will help you reach your goals.


Fitness Packages


Fitness Packages

Package 1

The Balance - R2185 (Save R220)
- 2 x Yoga Sessions (60 minutes per session)
- One&Only Body Massage (50 minutes)
- Healthy Living Smoothie

Package 2

Fat Burner - R1780 (Save R200)
- Jogging, Rowing and Cycling (60 minutes)
- Boot Camp (60 minutes)
- Boxing and Skipping (60 minutes)
- Killer Abs and Stretching (60 minutes)

Package 3

Fitness and Leisure - R1430 (Save R160)
- Pilates/Kettlebell/Body Conditioning (60 minutes)
- Fitness/Restore Massage (80 minutes)
- Healthy Living Smoothie

Packages include full use of One&Only Spa Thermal Suites, including Vitality Pool, Ice Fountain, Sauna, Steam Room and Experience Showers.


Mind & Body


Mind & Body

Can either be taken one-to-one, as a couple or join a scheduled class.

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movement". Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. Vinyasa movements are smooth flowing and almost dance-like with both mental and physical benefits. Physically, sweat expels toxins and re-energizes your body. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.

Mat-Based Pilates
Pilates' exercises focus on what founder Joseph Pilates called the "powerhouse." Often referred to as the core, this consists of your abdominal, back, buttock and upper leg muscles. Every exercise requires focus on this centre of the body while adhering to principles of concentration, fluidity, balance, centering, breath and control.

In-Room Wellness Amenities


In-Room Wellness Amenities

The Technogym® Wellness Tools are the accessories that allow you to perform your own workout program in the privacy and comfort of your own suite. Please contact the Fitness Team.
  • Wellness Ball (55cm and 65cm)
  • Wellness Weights (½kg and 1kg)
  • Wellness Rack (adjustable dumbbells)
  • Wellness Bag (resistance bands)
  • Wellness Pad


Exclusive Fitness Clothing


Technogym® Cardio range:

Five Treadmills (900E)

Three Cross Trainers (700E)

One Upright Bike (700E)

One Recumbent Bike (700E)

One Wave (700E)

Technogym® Resistance/Personal Selection Range:

Vertical Traction

Chest Press

Leg extension

Seated leg curl

Adjustable benches

Free weights (1-28kg)

Movement Training:

Technogym® Kinesis™ Circuit

Stretching Machines:

Technogym® FLEXability™ posterior and anterior


One Concept 2 E Rower

Power Plate® PRO5

Swiss balls


Stability boards

Medicine balls (1-5kg)

Resistance bands

Our Partner in Wellness:
Our Partners in Wellness
Brasilfit, the Brazilian fitness clothing range, is now exclusively available at One&Only Cape Town’s Fitness Centre.

Facility Information

Hours of operation
Opening Times: 6am to 8pm

Contact Details
+27 21 431 5020

Health & Fitness Center Offers*:
• Yoga
• Mat-based Pilates
• Kinesis™ induction
• Boxing/Tabata
• Bootcamp
• Personal Training
• Pole Acrobatics

*may vary to season or special event

Fitness Centre Amenities:
• Sweat towels
• Water
• Fruit / Biscotti
• Headphones
• Free undercover parking

Fitness Centre Contract - Spa Facilities:
• Sauna
• Steam Room
• Ice fountain
• Vitality pool with jets
• Experience showers
• Bathrobes, slippers and bath towels
• Free undercover parking
• Memberships cannot be transferred
• A free Health and Fitness assessment at your first visit

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