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Applicants for the above position will be required to assist the Pastry Chef in co-ordination and supervising the running of the pastry department, with the aim of maintaining our standards and of achieving maximum guest satisfaction as well as increasing sales in order to achieve budget food cost and to stay within the budget to general kitchen expenses.

Education, Experience & Competency Requirements

• Professional cookery qualification
• Minimum 6 years bakery experience in 5-star hotel kitchens or a similar environment
• Experience in artisanal bread preparations and scratch mixes
• Previous experience in a management position overseeing junior bakery staff
• Experience in staff training
• Contactable references
• Positive thinking and helpful attitude to fellow employees and guests
• Good verbal and written English
• Excellent communications and leadership skills

Should you wish to apply for the above mentioned position, please contact our Human Resources Department Contact Us

Completed applications should be submitted to HR by the 07th February 2014.
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