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Executive Housekeeper

Under the general direction of the Resort Manager, and within the limits of the hotel’s policies and procedures manage the entire Housekeeping function for One&Only, this includes the service vision and concepts, oversees and directs all aspects of overall Housekeeping operations which includes guest rooms, public areas, laundry and back of house areas.


• To ensure the Leading Quality Assurance standards are maintained on an on-going basis in order to ensure an annual average score in excess of 85%.
• Inspect guest and public areas on a regular basis to ensure that the furnishing facilities and equipment are clean and in good repair and make recommendations for the upkeep of the same.
• To ensure The Contract Cleaning Company fulfil their obligations as described in the agreement between The Contract Cleaning Company and One&Only Cape Town.
• To ensure that One&Only fulfil their obligations as described in the agreement between The Contract Cleaning Company and One&Only.
• Ensure the linen stock is adequately managed in that Par Levels as well as general condition of the linen is maintained at a 5 star standard.
• Ensure the room attendants report to their supervisors to return the rooms once they have been cleaned.
• Ensure the supervisor’s team is trained and skilled sufficiently to perform their general duties.
• To ensure all arrival rooms are serviced before 14:00pm and all occupied rooms are cleaned before 16:00pm.
• To ensure all bedrooms are turned down before 21:00pm.
• To ensure all bedrooms have been checked by the supervisors for day time servicing.
• To ensure all Very Important Guest rooms are checked by the supervisor for turndown service.
• To ensure Very Important Guest rooms are cleaned and checked in priority by supervisors.
• To ensure all supervisors report room status through the in guest room telephone system.
• Drives continuous improvement and builds support for changes.
• Implement and control housekeeping procedures that provide for the health and safety of personnel and guests, such as lost and found service, key control, security and emergency procedures.
• To ensure all floral arrangements and decorations are of a very good standard.
• To ensure all maintenance issues are reported through the Hotel Management System.
• To ensure that any loses or damages to furniture and fittings or equipment are reported to the Hotel Resort Manager/ Executive Assistant Manger immediately.
• To ensure that any guest complaints is reported through to all HOD’s concerned and ensure that the Resort Manager and the Executive Assistant Manager is informed immediately according to the gravity of the situation.
• To ensure that changes in the Housekeeping function are adhered to as directed by the hotel Resort Manager and the Executive Assistant Manager.
• Plan schedules for Special Cleaning (spring cleaning, windows, high windows, marble, sandstone areas, basement parking, and carpets etc.)


• Oversees the co-ordination and preparation of staff rosters and leaves schedule to ensure adequate coverage in all housekeeping areas according to occupancy.
• To ensure the maximization of staff performance through the establishment of performance standards based on Leading Quality Assurance.
• To identify training needs, especially for Supervisors, assist in the development of formal and informal training plans and implement training sessions on an on-going basis.
• To ensure that all on-the-job training is recorded and maintained on an on-going basis.
• To maintain appropriate standards of conduct, uniform and appearance of housekeeping employees.
• To ensure that all staff matters relating to misconduct or incapacity are dealt with timeously and that the appropriate disciplinary action is taken if necessary.
• In conjunction with Human Resources, and The Contract Cleaning Company, directs and participates in all personnel related issues such as the interviewing and the selection of senior housekeeping personnel.


• Prepare and manage the department budget and forecast including Labour and expense forecasting in line with hotel occupancy and budget guidelines.
• To prepare and produce all necessary reports ensuring that all figures are accurate, as requested by the Resort Manager, Executive Assistant Manager, Executive Manager - Finance and Executive Manager - Human Resources.
• To ensure that financial variations and administrative duties are completed correctly and submitted timeously
• To ensure that budget and forecasted costs do not exceed the annual budged as prescribed by the Executive Manager - Finance and Executive Manager - Human Resources.
• To communicate with reasons any variance on above budget and forecast to Resort manager, Executive Assistant Manager, Executive Manager - Finance and Executive Manager - Human Resources.
• To ensure that all expenses are monitored, maintained and controlled in terms of aforementioned budget.
• Ensure with The Contract Cleaning Company and with the purchasing department that we are keeping enough par stock of operating supplies such as bathroom amenities, umbrellas, small guest rooms furniture, fixtures and equipment, printing and stationary


• Meet long stay guests, Very Important Guests, Families and any other guest in need of a special attention in order to offer a personalized Housekeeping service and meet guest’s special requirements.
• Take initiative and make recommendations to continuously improve Guest Satisfaction.
• Investigate thoroughly any negative guest comments or complaints and implement necessary action to remediate.
• Furthermore, to ensure that you are familiar with the Prescribed One&Only Minimum Standards and that subordinate staff are trained and monitored in their performance regarding these standards. These will include, but not be limited to the prescribed standards relating to:
- Guest room conditions
- Guest room amenities and gifts
- Guest room service
- Turndown service
- Laundry and valet service
- Housekeeping and maintenance requests

Should you wish to apply for the above mentioned position, please contact our Human Resources Department Contact Us

Completed applications should be submitted to HR by the 31st October 2013.
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